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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy and personal data protection apply to everyone who visits 
the ArtOpen.net website.

The terms 'visitor', 'user', 'website', and 'provider' have in this policy the 
same meaning as in the general terms of ArtOpen.net.

This policy can change at any time or be amended without notice or warning. By 
using the website after an amendment of this policy the user confirms to agree 
with the changes made.


The provider collects the following data from users, who are natural persons, 
upon registration: first and last name, pseudonym, e-mail address, password,
biographical data.

The user can decide whether or not he wishes to make public certain required 
personal data (name, email), and whether to enter the non-required data 
(address, biographical data).

The provider gathers a statistic of website visits via IP addresses of the 
networks from which the users have accessed the website, but doing so does not 
enable the identification of the users.

The provider of the website uses cookies to identify the users.

III. Data processing

The provider will use acquired data exclusively for the following purposes:
  - enabling registration on the website and confering certain rights; 
  - enabling users access to certain parts of the website;
  - keeping an account of the users of our website;
  - statistical, marketing, and other analyses and research in relation to users
    of the website; the provider can send these analyses and research to 
    advertisers, but must not reveal any data that refers to the individual user;
  - occasionally sending suggestions, initiatives and offers of a commercial
    and non-commercial nature, based on the users interests, hobbies, activities,
    preferences, etc.;
  - sending e-mails with website-related content;

The user is hereby aware of and consents to the provider's capacity to share
certain tasks involving user data with third persons (contractors).
Third persons may process entrusted data exclusively within the boundaries of 
the provider's authorization and in accordance with the purposes outlined in the 
first paragraph of this article.


The provider protects all user data in accordance with the policy and demands for 
the protection of personal data, as set by the legislature of the Republic of 
Slovenia. The provider regularly makes security copies of data.

The provider will not share user data with third persons, apart from the cases
listed in Article III. of this policy.

The user is hereby aware of and agrees that the provider can use the data 
submitted upon registration for the entire duration of the user's user status, 
as well as a year after the termination of said status. Other data (e.g. the 
user's content contribution) can be saved for as long as necessary to achieve 
the purpose for which the data has been collected, and must then be permanently 
deleted or efficiently anonymized, so that no data can be identified with an 
individual user.

V. Use of cookies

– What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that enable you, upon re-visiting a website, to preserve 
the settings you had used before (e.g. one-time registration without re-
enetering a username and password). Cookies are used by most websites, including 
artopen.net. They allow the site a better user experience, while the acquired 
statistical data allows us to offer better and more relevant content.

– Cookies that require permission

Name of cookie 	Description     Duration                Company
utmb                            30 min                  Google Analytics
utmc                            Till browser shut-down  Google Analytics
utmz                            6 months                Google Analytics

VI. Users' rights

The user can at any time change or amend his personal data, and can do so
directly on the website.

If the data in question is of the kind that cannot be changed as described in 
the first paragraph of this article, the user can demand from the provider, by 
sending an order to info@artopen.net, an amendment or correction of the user's 
data which are imperfect or incorrect. The burden of proof for the required 
changes is on the user.

By sending an order to info@artopen.net, the user can demand that the provider 
confirms whether or not they are collecting and processing the data pertaining 
to the user, as well as which data is being collected and processed. This claim 
can be made once every three months.

By sending an order to info@artopen.net, the user can demand that the provider 
sends an electronic copy of the data pertaining to the user. This claim can be 
made once every three months. Prior to submitting the copy of the data, the 
provider may require that the user proves their identity. If the provider 
continues to question the identity of the user, the claim may be denied.

VII. Exclusion of liability

The provider is not responsible for any damages on the part of the user, which 
result from the provider receiveing false, imperfect, or outdated data upon 
registration or afterwards.

VIII. Final provision

The invalidity of any individual provision of this policy, regardless of its
reason for invalidity, does not invalidate this policy as a whole. In such a 
case, the invalid provision is considered unwritten, and this policy remains in 
effect without it.

This policy is in effect from December 1 2016.